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Christian Kupper

Christian Kupper

Christian Kupper

University of Applied Sciences Offenburg
Department of Mechanical and Process Engineering
Badstraße 24
77652 Offenburg
Phone: +49 (0)781 205-4648
Fax: +49 (0)781 205-45 4648

Research project

Working title dissertation:

"Lebensdauer von Lithium-Ionen-Batterien für die dezentrale Speicherung regenerativer Energien: experimentelle Untersuchung und modellbasierte Optimierung." / "Life-time of lithium-ion batteries for decentralized renewable energies: experimental investigation and model-based optimization."


The insufficient lifetime of lithium-ion batteries is one major barrier for the market penetration of stationary energy storages. The goal of this work is to create a mechanistic model of lithium-ion batteries including all main ageing phenomena. Thereby, it is intended to consider several cell chemistries. Experimental validation as well as the literature is taken into account for the model validation. Thanks to this model, an optimized cell design and control strategy in order to avoid fast ageing could be derived. Therefore, the cooperation with other DENE-members is especially important by delivering the external demands for the battery.

Curriculum Vitae


10/2004 - 12/2012
Technische Universität Berlin, Berlin, Germany

Study of chemical and process engineering, Degree: Dipl.-Ing.

10/2009 - 08/2010
Università degli Studi di Roma Sapienza, Rome, Italy

ERASMUS Scholarship holder, studies of engineering, Thesis. "Development of solar driven Brayton engine for micro scale power generation"

09/2006 - 05/2008
Ecole Centrale de Lyon, Lyon, France

UFA/DFH Scholarship holder, studies of engineering in the framework of double diploma program TIME

Professional Experience

Since 11/2014

Hochschule Offenburg / Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg, Offenburg / Freiburg, Germany

Federal State Postgraduate Scholarship (LGFG) holder, 3 year graduation for Ph.D. within DENE graduate program
Subject: “Life time of lithium-ion batteries for decentralised renewable energy storage: experimental investigation and model based optimization”

09/2013 - 10/2014

Hochschule Offenburg, Offenburg, Germany

Academic researcher at UAS Offenburg, numerical simulation of lithium-ion battery within the framework of “TempOLadung” project founded by BMBF, validation of numerical models via battery testing provided by Lelcanché S.A.

02/2012 - 08/2012

Reiner Lemoine Institut, Berlin, Germany

Thesis at institut for applied research: „Untersuchung des Einflusses zunehmender Stromproduktion aus erneuerbaren Energiequellen auf den Strombörsenpreis und EEG-Umlage bis 2025“

10/2010 - 10/2012

Student assistant at language centre of TU Berlin, Berlin, Germany

06/2008 - 09/2008

Internship at AIRBUS S.A.S, Toulouse, France

07/2007 - 08/2007

Internship at BEHR-Czech s.r.o, Mnichovo Hradiště, Czech Republic

02/2006 - 04/2006

Internship at W&P Geat GmbH, Berlin, Germany

09/2005 - 10/2005

Internship at BEHR-Czech s.r.o, Mnichovo Hradiště, Czech Republic


Journal contribution

  • C. Kupper and W. G. Bessler, “Multi-scale thermo-electrochemical modeling of performance and aging of a lithium-ion cell,” J. Electrochem. Soc., 2017 volume 164, issue 2, A304-A320.


  • C. Kupper, Björn Weißhar, and W.G. Bessler, “Multi-scale modelling and simulation of ageing and lifetime prediction of an LFP-based lithium-ion battery in a micro grid”, 13th Symposium for Fuel Cell and Battery Modeling and Experimental Validation (03/2016), Lausanne
  • C. Kupper, S. Spitznagel, and W. G. Bessler, “Thermo-electrochemical modeling of LiC6/LFP and LTO/NCA lithium-ion batteries for lifetime and safety prediction”, Energy Science and Technology International Conference and Exhibition (05/2015), Karlsruhe, Germany.
  • C. Kupper, Florian Hall, and W.G. Bessler, “Electrochemical and thermal modelling and experimental validation of an LTO/NCA lithium-ion battery”, Presentation at 12th Symposium for Fuel Cell and Battery Modeling and Experimental Validation (03/2015), Freiburg  


  • C. Kupper and W.G. Bessler, “Mechanistic modeling of calendaric and cyclic ageing of LFP/graphite lithium-ion batteries”, Kraftwerk Batterie (04/2016), Münster 
  • C. Kupper, Sabine Wußler. Hilmi Buqa, and W.G. Bessler, “Combined modelling and experimental characterization of titanate-based lithium-ion batteries”, Kraftwerk Batterie, (04/2015), Aachen


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